Saturday, March 22, 2014

Use EitherMouse for managing multiple mice

I get bored of using the mouse with my right hand so I switch the mouse over to the left hand and prefer to mirror the buttons - i.e. use the left button as right-click and the right button as left-click! I also prefer to have the cursors to be left-handed to complete the whole experience so I use left-handed mouse cursors. After a lot of search, I found the best possible lefty cursors on the MSDN archive site.

This creates hilarious situations when a colleague comes over to my desk and tries to use the left-handed mouse with the right hand. So I was desperately looking for a program that would allow me to have multiple mice with their own settings so that I could have one left-handed mouse for me on the left of the keyboard. And then setup another mouse with the regular settings on my right hand side.

I was not able to find any program that would allow me to do this with any success - till I stumbled upon a very good program - EitherMouse - and the best part - it is absolutely free! It allows individual settings for each connected mouse. Apart from the detailed settings for each mouse, it also very conveniently mirrors the cursors so that you don't need to install special left-handed cursors. After using the program for a few months, I am totally impressed with the way it handles two mice. My setup is very convenient with a lefty mouse and a regular mouse allowing me to switch mouse hands instantly!

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