Thursday, September 17, 2009

Google FastFlip launched in labs

Google Labs has launched FastFlip - it's a very good concept.

In this web application, Google combines the good qualities from both Print & Net and provides the user with the ability to quickly "flip" through
online pages just like one would do with a newspaper or a magazine.

What Google does is that it takes images of the websites and shows it to the users in a magazine-like format where the users can scan through the articles and click to go to the actual website if they are interested in reading the full article. For more details on the exact methodology that Google uses to show the articles can be seen here.

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allan Gering said...

Many publishers have complained repeatedly that Google and Google News reduces their content to “commodity” status or otherwise adversely impacts their brands. Google’s Fast Flip is a response to this in part.With Fast Flip you can flip through snapshots of the day’s popular news, drill into specific sections and topics, or narrow stories by publisher source.
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