Thursday, April 15, 2010

Syntax Highlighter now available for Blogger

I had been putting off using Syntax Highlighter for quite some time as it required me to host the files somewhere and then use them. Also, using it for a Blogger Blog did not seem to be so straight-forward and did not produce clean results. This was the status when I had last checked it out quite some time back.

So when reviewed a post I wrote with a lot of code in it, I was saddened that I had not add Syntax Highlighter to my blog. So I decided to take a second look and was pleasantly surprised to see both my issues resolved! Now there was an option for using the hosted version of the files and also there was a very neat blogger mode!

So now finally, you don't need to look around for someone to host the Syntax Highlighter files for you - you can use the hosted version of the Syntax Highlighter files. And there is a very good bloggerMode! which helps to integrates very cleanly with Blogger.

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