Friday, May 21, 2010

Import Products and Categories into Magento

Of the few shopping carts that I was playing around with, I found Zen Cart and Magento to be the best. Simplicity of the Zen Cart was very alluring and Magento was attractive for its features based on the solid framework.

However, for a new store, importing all the products and categories for the initial setup is a major area for complaint. I wonder, how such a simple and important features gets left out of such a thought out & planned product?!

The developer community has provided plug-ins for Zen Cart and Magento Extensions to solve this problem to some extent. However I still feel that the ones available for free are not so well integrated and do not provide a very clean solution. A better integrated & cleaner solution should come in pre-packaged with the cart.

The solution should take care of and provide the following features:
  • Import Category hierarchies
  • Import Product Images & gallery if required
  • Associating of Related, Cross Sell & Up Sell products

*** Sighhh **** well, so much for wishes - for now, use what you get to be as close to the end goal as possible and mash-up the required functionality with it.


Griffinmc Cray said...

Even I think that Zen cart and Magento are the best and to be more specific I will go for Zen cart as I found it easy to use and follow through which I can get better investment.

Darshan Shah said...

You might want to check OpenCart - I found that to be quite good - better than both and much lightweight compared to Magento.


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