Friday, July 29, 2011

Java 7 GA release finally available

Java 7 was finally release into the wild today and made "GA" - Generally Available!
Download the latest from here.
Here's a very high level list of the new features/changes that made into Java7:

  • Support for dynamically-typed languages using the new InvokeDynamic instructions
  • Strict class-file checking

  • Small language enhancements from Project Coin like Strings in switch statements, try-with-resources statements, diamond operator, etc.

  • Upgrade class-loader architecture to avoid deadlocks in non-hierarchical class-loader topologies
  • Concurrency and collections updates in form of a lightweight fork/join framework, flexible and reusable synchronization barriers, transfer queues, concurrent linked double-ended queues, and thread-local pseudo-random number generators

  • Support for Unicode 6.0
  • Separate handling of locales to separate formatting locales from user-interface language locales

I/O & Networking
  • New APIs for filesystem access, scalable asynchronous I/O operations, etc
  • New NIO.2 filesystem provider for zip and jar files
  • API for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) on Solaris
  • SDP (Sockets Direct Protocol) support for reliable, high-performance network streams over Infiniband connections on Solaris and Linux
  • Networking code modified to use the Windows Vista IPv6 stack, when available, in preference to the legacy Windows stack
  • Support for Transport Layer Security version 1.2

Security & Cryptograpphy
  • Implementation of the standard Elliptic Curve Cryptographic (ECC) algorithms to allow Java programs to support it out of the box

Database Connectivity
  • JDBC 4.1 and Rowset 1.1

  • New Java2D graphics pipeline based upon the X11 XRender extension, which provides access to much of the functionality of modern GPUs
  • New platform APIs for features originally implemented in the 6u10 release namely Translucent and shaped windows, and heavyweight/lightweight component mixing
  • Cross-platform Nimbus look-and-feel for Swing
  • SwingLabs JXLayer component decorator added to the platform
  • New Gervill sound synthesizer created and made available

  • Upgrade of the components of the XML stack to the most recent stable versions: JAXP 1.4, JAXB 2.2a, and JAX-WS 2.2

  • Enhanced MBeans to report the recent CPU load of the whole system, the CPU load of the JVM process, and to send JMX notifications when GC events occur 

Pheww - that was a long list to say the least ;) No wonder the release date for Java7 was a very difficult moving target.
I will be putting out a detailed post on each of the features soon - so keep watching this space!

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