Monday, November 7, 2011

Kindle Import "Operation Failed" on TouchPad

I was trying to import a few books into Kindle on TouchPad using Calibre + Kindle Import but was getting the error "Operation Failed". Here's how I resolved this problem

  1. Uninstalled Kindle & Kindle Import 
  2. Deregistered this Kindle instance from the Amazon account (it may even work if this step is skipped)
  3. Restart TouchPad
  4. Reinstall Kindle and Kindle Import
  5. Reregister this Kindle instance
  6. Convert & Push the books from PC to TouchPad using Calibre
  7. Run Kindle Import on TouchPad to select & import these books
That should solve your problem!


Melissa said...

I tried that, but still wouldn't work. What helped me was to restart again after I reinstalled Kindle and Kindle Import. Just wanted to mention this, in case anyone else reads this and runs into the same problem. So,it'd be 8 steps instead of 7 with an additional restart after step 5. Hope this helps someone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much for this, I actually followed both steps and did the reboot after installation as suggested by Melissa. I actually did not deregistered the kindle. It actually diregisters itself when you uninstall the kindle app.


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