Friday, March 29, 2013

Benchmarking the performance of Java & web Frameworks/Platforms

The guys over at TechEmpower put some of their time to great use for the benefit of the community and put together a meaningful test to benchmark the performance of Java and web frameworks / platforms that are popular these days. The results were very surprising - Netty, Vertx and Servlets outperformed all others by a very big margin!

However, one of the major eye-poppers was raw PHP (no ORM framework) and MySQL database with multiple queries per request - which is likely the practically used business case - performed amazingly well! Add to this the dearth of available good PHP programmers and low hosting costs, no wonder many small businesses opt for rolling their own custom PHP apps & websites than going for big frameworks.

Check out the full blog post with the graphs and details of the test in the TechEmpower blog post here.
You can also check out their code on Git here and join in on the conversation at HackerNews here.

Let the flame wars begin!  :P   ;P

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