Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Obi keeps ringing - Calls from weird numbers - Ghost calls

Some time back my Obi Google Voice phone kept ringing constantly and the caller ids were weird numbers. Strangely, Google Voice had no history of any such calls that I could mark as spam and rebooting the Obi device would help.

Researching this problem showed that it could be SIP scanning by bots that probe standard SIP ports causing the phone to ring and caller id to show strange numbers like 1000, 1001, 0000, 123456, etc.

A simple solution to this problem is to change the value of X_InboundCallRoute.
Use Obi Expert > Voice Services > SPx Service > X_InboundCallRoute to:
where GV12345678901 is your Simonics SIP Login Prefix and SPx is the service on which GV is configured

There are other possible solutions as well, but I found this solution to be the simplest - but still for sake of completeness, you can check out the other possible solutions at ObiTalk forum post and Simonics forum post.


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