Monday, November 23, 2009

Edison Govt listens to Citizen Service Requests

Being a Common IT Man, many a times I have to walk to the Metropark NJTransit station through Wood Avenue between Oak Tree Road and Lincoln Highway. The side walk on this particular section of the road is (or rather was) in shambles, causing a lot of problems to pedestrians. Many people in fact had to walk on the road in some stretches which caused the vehicular traffic to slow down - this is a hazard for both the pedestrians & the auto drivers.

Frustrated at this, I had put in a request through the Edison NJ Citizen Service Request on 10/6/2009 for the heck of it and then totally forgotten all about it.

Over a month later, on last Thursday morning 11/19/2009, I was in for a pleasant surprise! The same section of side walk for which I had complained, was being repaired!!!

Well, it is quite possible that I was not the first or the only one to put in this request. Or that this repair could have already been on their list of "To-Do" items as the Metropark station is already being revamped. Whatever the case, it felt qutie good to see Edison government taking such swift action on Citizen Service Requests - especially the one that I had lodged.

On a side note, some of the newly laid concrete pavement blocks have already cracked :(

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