Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Install CM9 onto HP TouchPad - Step by Step Instructions

Here are the set of detailed instructions to get CM9 (ICS) Alpha 0.6 release installed onto your HP TouchPad - courtesy of my brother Rohit.

Download the following 6 items:
3. Moboot 0.3.5 (Mobile Open Bootloader for HP TP):
4. update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-Touchpad-alpha0.6-fullofbugs (Alpha0.6 CM9 for Touchpad): Mirror1: ; Mirror2:
5. gapps-ics-20111230 (Google Apps for CM9):
6. To run "ACMEInstaller2" from your PC, you need Novacom drivers installed.  If you do not have them, please download from here: 

Once the appropriate version of this file is installed on your computer, a folder named "Palm, Inc" should be created under C:\Program Files folder.  

1.  Copy "ACMEInstaller2" in this folder.
2.  Connect the HP Touchpad to the computer via USB. Once connected, tap the alert to enable Mass Storage Mode on the HP Touchpad.
3. Copy the ClockworkMod Recovery & Moboot zips into a folder in the media directory of the HP Touchpad called "cminstall" and Restart the HP Touchpad.
4. Once the screen goes black, hold down the Volume Up button until an USB symbol appears on the screen.  Once the computer recognizes the HP Touchpad, open terminal and naviagte to: C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc ( the directory Novacom is in) .
5. In the terminal on the computer, run the following command:
      novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2

The ClockworkMod Recovery & MOBoot should now be installed on the HP Touchpad.

To Install Google Market & Apps on CM9:

1. Reboot the HP Touchpad, and boot using Moboot by choosing "ClockworkMod"
2. Choose "install zip from sdcard", then choose "choose zip from sdcard"
3. Find and select the "" file you placed on the Touchpad;
4.  Google Market & apps will install;
5.  Reboot into CM9 - viola! you are all set.


Narayan said...

Hi Darshan,
Thanks for the post.

While I was going through the install process, I am seeing a 'The application failed to initialize properly' error when I run novacom command.

Have you come across this error? How do you think I can proceed?


Anonymous said...

Gapps download link doesn't work.
Here is the link instead.

Darshan Shah said...

Thanks for pointing out the non-functional link - I have changed it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help!

Anonymous said...

Why the links are not working? When I click these links to download it says, "File not found". Am I missing anything?

Anonymous said...

None of the links is not working for me either...

Darshan Shah said...

Sorry - hae fixed the links and they should work now!


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