Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get free email alerts when your website is down

Recently Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspirations posted a nice article on how to get free email alerts when your website goes down. His solution uses Google Docs Spreadsheet with some nice scripting using Google URL Fetch Service, Google Mail Service and Google Spreadsheet API to create a trigger to check for the specified URL at the given intervals. The script logs the status of the test and also emails the specified address with the details when there are issues and also after the site is back.

Check out the details and get the Google Doc Spreadsheet from his blog post here.


jikon said...

Does this alert service include sending direct messages to the Twitter account? I heard twitter allows sms updates for tweets from people you follow.

Jurica Lindsey said...

Hey, Monitive.com has unlimited Twitter alerts that show up just like SMS text messages on smartphones.

And yes, of course they are Direct Messages and not tweets. You wouldn't want all your followers to see that your website went down and up all night, wouldn't you? :)

Gena @ basic money management said...

Setting up your own alert mode is the best solution. Many third party sites are down and they may not be that reliable. So if you can do it with a little setup, that's the best!


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