Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Goldman Conspiracy?!

John Crudele of NY Post points out to facts and events pointing towards a "Goldman Conspiracy"!.

Could this be just a journalist's rant!
Or a thriller plot good enough to be made into the next movie or a book to beat Dan Brown at his own game!
Or it could even be very true!

Read these articles and then decide for yourself!

Read this full article here.

And another of his article here.

  • The views presented in the articles on NYTimes are of the original publisher/author
  • This post aims to show the various differing views, people have of a set of events!
  • This post also brings to light, that in retrospect, how events can be interpreted in totally different ways to fit the author's views/biases?!


allan Gering said...

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Wrap Accessories said...

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