Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Got the Orange belt at JavaBlackBelt

While browsing through Java related sites, stumbled upon It's a pretty good site for refreshing your basic (and advanced) Java knowledge and to challenge yourself to a set of quality quizzes on Java & related topics. Quite a few of the questions were eye-openers - will post those observations with sample code soon.

So had been taking the quizzes in free time and today made it to Orange Belt and my name is being displayed on their home page for the next 24 hours starting at 14:30 hrs on Wednesday March 11, 2009 !

Here is a snapshot of the hallowed moment in time, recorded & stored here for posterity!

They have organized the topics & quizzes into "Belts" and the levels in the increasing order of difficulty are:
Yellow < Orange < Green < Blue < Brown < Black
I liked the concept very much - check out the JavaBlackBelt website for more info.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Darshan,

We're glad you appreciate our quizzes powered by the JBB community.

By the way, did you know many members highlight their belt-level on social networks like facebook, linkedIn, etc? It's a great way to promote your skills.

Finally, for developers who are having a hard time passing these belts, we are currently launching our Coach-assisted eLearning:

Best regards,


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